“I have my bag and I am going back to school”

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Abdul from Kroobay, holding his new backpack on Monday, 25 October. Photocredit: Abdul Sillah, Save the Children

Meet Abdul, 7 who got a new backpack the same colour as his old bag that was burnt in a fire at Spain Community, Kroobay on September 19. He named his old bag “powerful” because of the drawings on it. He was thrilled to get his new backpack because “it looks and feels just the same."

Abdul returned to school in September, but the fire disaster affected his learning because his books and other school items were destroyed.

On Monday, 25 October, Save the Children donated school items to Abdul and other children affected by the fire disaster. The backpack contains pens, pencils, text books and other essential learning materials to help them continue learning.

The Kroobay fire displaced 400 people. A hundred and eighty-five of those were children who had just returned to school in the new academic year.

I like my new bag. It is big and the same colour as my old bag, “Powerful” had more drawings on it. But when you put this new one on your back, it looks the same.  Said Abdul after receiving the new backpack.

I will show this to my teacher and all my friends. Tomorrow, my bag and I are going back to school.”

Seeing the change, we make in the lives of the most vulnerable in emergencies, Save the Children remains committed to supporting the response, to ensure that children in particular are able to get what they need to survive, be safe and continue their education.