District chairman vows to champion ending child marriage in Kailahun

Monday 21 March 2022


Chairman of the Kailahun District Council in his office. February 2022. Photo Credit: Alpha Jalloh, Save the Children

Kailahun District Chairman, Sahr A.K. Lamin has made a commitment to Save the Children to end child marriage in the district by establishing a district committee for the implementation of the new Foundations, Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Rights project funded by Global Alliance Canada in the district. 

Strengthening Adolescent Girls’ Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) is a 6 year project in Sierra Leone, Mali and Niger to increase decision-making for girls on their SRH and rights and the use of ASRH friendly services. 452,106 direct beneficiaries will be reached in Sierra Leone.

As head of the Kailahun District Council, Mr. Lamin is a strong ally of Save the Children, supporting projects and activities in his district because he believes it will help girls succeed.

Save the Children has fought so hard for child protection. Every part of your developmental stride in this district addresses protection.” he said.

I am ready to give this project my full support in any way within my power to ensure that it is successful and my people in Kailahun district benefit from it

We are going to ensure that the 29 councillors in the committee mobilize and sensitize within their communities. This will bring about the success of the project and help community members understand what it means to them and their future.

The relevance of this project cannot be emphasized. It is absolutely essential for us to build the future, build the community, build this district and the nation at large.”

We look forward to following the progress of this district committee