First Lady supports our EVERYONE Campaign

Tuesday 13 May 2014


We feel proud to have the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Sia Nyama Koroma, openly declaring her full suport of our advocacy for the inclusion of free healthcare for pregnant women, lactataing mothers and under-five children, in the revised constitution of Sierra Leone.

Mrs. Koroma made her declaration on the 16 April in a special meeting with our Country Director, Heather Kerr and the EVERYONE Campaign team at the Presidential Lodge, Freetown. The First Lady happily welcomes the idea and plegdes her total support noting that health service delivery for the vulnerable is her passion and the dream of her husband, the President. She commends Save the Children for the great work we’re doing for children.

“Madam Country Director, I would like to congratulate Save the Children on all your great work, you are a household name in Sierra Leone. I am going to add my voice to yours for the campaign. That is my wish and we are very proud of you,” says the First Lady.

Meeting the First lady has been an integral part of our campaign to lobby for the inclusion of the current free healthcare initiative (for pregnant women, lactating mothers and under-five children) into National Constitution. We hope to see other stakeholders making commitment in supporting the inclusion of the free healthcare into the National Constitution.