Frankly speaking: Children share their views on COVID-19

Wednesday 22 April 2020


Save the Children Sierra Leone is conducting a rapid assessment of children in selected communities to find out how COVID-19 is affecting their lives.  Through frank conversations with children aged five to eighteen years, the assessment will find out how much information children have about COVID-19, how they feel about school closure and concerns they have about staying at home.

On the 31 March, Sierra Leone recorded its first case. This was rapidly followed by a second case on the 1st April and subsequent other cases, which led to government imposing a three day lock down to trace contacts of all COVID-19 cases.  

As of April 21st 2020, the total confirmed COVID - 19 cases are 50 with 6 recovery and no deaths. 

The Ebola epidemic was a lesson which showed the level of risks children are exposed to, especially girls. In just about two years, the rate of teenage pregnancy rose dramatically as high as 65%, with around 14,000 teenage girls falling pregnant during the national emergency.

Save the Children will use findings from this assessment to inform government and partners about issues affecting children through their own voices. We hope that their feedback will inform government plans for education and facilitate actions to protect them at home and in their communities.