Hundreds of children affected by Kroobay Fire

Wednesday 22 September 2021

In the evening hours of Sunday 19 September, fire displaced over 400 people and destroyed properties worth millions of Leones in Kroobay slum community. According to National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), over half affected, 210 of them are children; most below age 15. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are the second largest affected group.

In response to the disaster, Save the Children Emergency Response Team on Tuesday 21 September, provided 400 community members wet food and drinking water, as they collaborate with NDMA to plan a proper response to help victims especially children start over again.

Some of the children affected are pupils who just started or returned to school this September. Others are head of households, caring for siblings after their parents travelled for fishing or buying produce for businesses in the provinces. Food and money their parents left for their upkeep have been destroyed in the fire.

Among numerous challenges victims have to deal with, access to shelter during the rains and more importantly food, is paramount.  At the initial assessment of the disaster, it is clear that the recovery process will be an uphill struggle for these vulnerable groups however, Save the Children is committed to supporting the response, to ensure that children in particular are able to get what they need to survive, be safe and continue with their education.