Our Advocacy takes Accountability to the Western Rural Communities

Wednesday 5 October 2016


2016 is the year our Advocacy and campaign work is well planned and set to make huge change in the lives of children that are left behind in terms of accessing services such as basic education, primary healthcare services and protection. Together with our partners we will ensure that ‘every last child’ is reached through the power of advocacy and campaign. Already, we have started the ball rolling and the impacts will soon begin to speak for themselves.


In February we had a very successful and inspiring Accountability Roadshow in major communities in the Western Rural Area. The show brought together local authorities and the people including the youth, women, and children through the power of great Sierra Leonean stars to demand for their involvement in decisions that have to do with development of their communities. This is the first time in the history of Western Rural Sierra Leone such a forum has been created for the people to meet face to face with their leaders and discuss issues that bother the development of their communities. Since I was born I’ve never had this kind of opportunity to make my voice heard at a meeting like this where we have the councillors, Police, Headmen, Chiefs, Council Administrators. I hope this will continue”, says Mohamed Sesay, A Fisherman at Tokeh community.


The show lasted for five days in five major communities in the Western Rural Area, Tokeh, York, Kent, Macdonald and Tombo, respectively. The last day at Tombo was extra superb! And the First gentle man, our Country Director, Isaac Ooko, the HR Director, Alfred Musukutwa and our Advocacy and Communications Director, Kadi Jumu were all there to rock with the people of Tombo and their authorities. So many musical stars and Ambassadors including the hottest Salone artist, ‘Ark Ma’n were all there to entertain and educate the community people on development and accountability matters.


At the end of each session, commitment papers were signed by local authorities to involve their people in all decision making process that have to do with the development of their communities. The people in turn listed down facilities and services they needed in their respective communities. The next plan of action is to present the documents to the Office of the Western Rural District Council and continue to monitor and follow-up to ensure that those commitments are put into action for the children in the Western Rural of Sierra Leone.