Over 900 adolescents play “Mi bodi nar mi rayt” Game Application

Monday 13 July 2020


In the first four weeks of its roll out, Save the Children’s Game Application on adolescent sexual reproductive health “Mi bodi nar mi rayt” (My body, my rights) has reached nine hundred and fifty-three (953) adolescents; 557 girls and 396 boys - in all four Danish TV-"Mek wi tok bot Mammie en Daddy Biznes" project communities.

The App provides young people with up to date information about their body and sexual health rights helping them make safer choices. 

"Before now I thought that when a girl does not see her period for a while, it's pregnancy. " Alima,16 a beneficiary from one of communities said. " Now I know it may be due to other issues and she needs to see a doctor"

The App roll out aims to reach 1,750 adolescents in Cockle Bay, Aberdeen, Murray Town and Connaught; the team is confident that they will go beyond this target before the end of the project in 2021.