Save the Children and National Disaster Management Agency Forge Partnership to Protect Vulnerable Communities

Tuesday 9 April 2024

 NDMALt. Gen. (Rtd) Brima Sesay and SCI Country Director, Patrick Analo show off Mou afrer signing

In a move towards enhancing disaster preparedness and response, Save the Children and the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) have formalized a strategic partnership through the signing of a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This collaboration aims to strengthen efforts in safeguarding vulnerable communities, particularly children, from both manmade and natural disasters.

The signing ceremony, took place at the Save the Children Conference Room in Aberdeen. Save the Children Country Director, Patrick Analo and Lt. Gen. (Rtd) Brima Sesay, representing the NDMA signed the MoU. The MoU signifies a commitment to joint initiatives aimed at mitigating the impact of disasters and ensuring swift response and recovery efforts.

Patrick Analo expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to formalize our collaboration with the NDMA. Together, we can work towards creating a safer environment for children, where they can thrive and reach their full potential."

Highlighting the importance of the NDMA's role in disaster management, Analo emphasized, "The NDMA plays a crucial role in protecting vulnerable communities from various disasters. By partnering with them, Save the Children aims to amplify our impact and ensure that no child is left behind in times of crisis."

Lt. Gen, (Rtd) Brima Sesay acknowledged the significance of the partnership, stating, "This collaboration with Save the Children underscores our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all citizens, particularly children, during emergencies."

As part of our commitment to supporting disaster response efforts, Save the Children also donated emergency response items worth over one hundred thousand new Leones (about $7,000). These items, including slippers, laundry soap, tarpaulins, plastic buckets, clothing for adults and children, as well as school materials such as backpacks, will aid in meeting the immediate needs of affected communities in the event of a disaster.

"We believe that these emergency response items will provide essential support to families affected by disasters, helping them rebuild their lives and recover from adversity," Analo remarked.

The partnership between Save the Children and the NDMA reflects a shared vision of creating resilient communities capable of effectively responding to and recovering from disasters. Through joint efforts in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery, the two organizations aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable populations across the country