"SEXUAL RIGHTS" A poem by Alex Michael Sesay

Monday 28 September 2020

At the Murray Town App Club Launch, 18 year old Alex Sesay read a poem he wrote on sexual rights for girls. Alex is one of the twenty champions trained under the Danish TV project to promote adolescent sexual health rights using the Game App.


It is their Right and their Might

Their hidden power of Life

For which they strive

To keep their Dreams Alive.


Girls Preserve these as treasures

They should not be Pressured

Neither Pressed into Coercion

Because it is their key to Mansions.


Exercising their Right comes with pleasure

Because it's a God given Treasure

That needs no Pressure

From the fruitless demands of Nature.


These rights of Girls should be protected

And not be Violated

Rather it should be Nurtured and Cherished

For it not to fall in the ruthless hands of Relish.


These Girls are the leaders of tomorrow

Violating their rights brings no fruitful arrow

As they are forced to reckon with the sad memories of Morrow

Which brings no Joy but sorrow.


I pray for their rights to be Respected

Not shattered and neglected

For it not To Fall in the Ruins of Dejection

Which will lead to an everlasting Provocation.



Danish TV project also known as "Mek wi tok bot Mammy en Daddy Bizness" (Lets' talk about Sex) is an advocacy and communication programme shining  a spotlight on the negative impacts of teenage pregnancy. It uses innovative technological and communication approaches on ASRHR education to engage adolescents, community members and the general public through media, community engagement and peer engagement.