Tommy gets his first ruler

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Tommy showing off his new ruler to his father. Kroobay, Freetown, October 2021. Photo Credit: Abdul Sillah Save the Children

Tommy, 5, could not wait to find out what was in the backpack he received from a Save the Children donation on Monday 25, October. As he was showing off his school materials to his dad, he got a surprise. Something he sees around and has always wondered what it was for–a ruler.

“Marie (a girl who takes him to school) said this is used for drawings, is that true? Am I going to be able to draw a house with it?”  He asked his dad as he took out his new ruler. “My friend in school has this but I do not know what he does with it.”

This is Tommy’s first ever ruler which he plans to use to draw not only a house but everything with lines. 

Tommy is among 185 pupils who benefitted from the backpack and school materials donated to Kroobay fire victims. The fire struck the Spain community in Kroobay on 19 September and displaced 400 people. Half of the victims are children. Some just started school or returned for the new academic year.

Seeing the change, we make in the lives of the most vulnerable in emergencies, Save the Children remains committed to supporting the response, to ensure that children in particular are able to get what they need to survive, be safe and continue their education.