"Fourah Bay College Social Work Students Gain Insight into Our Work in Sierra Leone

Wednesday 28 February 2024

28th February 2024, Freetown - This morning we had the pleasure of hosting 14 first-year students from the Social Work Department of Fourah Bay College at our office on 71 Sir Samuel Road. They have visited to familiarize themselves with our organization's work and its impact in the country. Deanne Evans, Director of Programs and Operations guided the students through our programs in the country.

Deanne provided an overview of our operational locations throughout the country, emphasizing our focus on children and the strategic approaches we employ to achieve our goals for their well-being. The students actively engaged in the session, posing thoughtful questions about our core values, funding sources for our initiatives, our objectives for children, methods of measuring success, and the challenges we encounter. Deanne adeptly addressed each inquiry, providing comprehensive and enlightening responses.

"I have learned a lot about your organization, and I feel inspired based on the knowledge I have gained this morning. Your scope of work is broader than I initially thought. Thank you for accommodating us and for speaking with us this morning,"  one of them said.

We are delighted to have shared our insights with the students and look forward to fostering continued understanding and collaboration.