Save the Children in Sierra Leone holds its First National Partnership Forum

Tuesday 13 May 2014


On 25 and 26 march, we had the first National Partnership Forum to create a platform for reflection, learning and continual improvement between Save the Children in Sierra Leone and its Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) partners and Government Agencies. It was such an interesting and knowledge sharing forum in which we learnt from each other to strenghten our partnership relationship and to deliver quality programs for children.

Identification of best practices; achievements and challenges of partnership work at country program level as well as recommendations for improvement with all key partnership stakeholders highlighted key points of discussion in the two-day exercise. Planning for increased sustainability of our partnership work in 2014 among others were also discussed and shared.

As we Work with partners to leverage our country strength in making a difference for children, we hope that National Partnership Forum continues so as to have an improved coordination across sectors in terms of collaboration with partners.