Save the Children, Ministry of Gender and Children's Affairs host children, influential figures to address gender inequality through innovation and technology

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Children, Government officials and partners on the high table during the commemoration of the International Women's Day. March 2023. Photo Credit; Save the Children

Save the Children, government officials, and partners have come together to discuss the importance of innovation and technology for gender equality in Sierra Leone. The workshop, held at the Waterloo District Council Hall, was held in commemoration of International Women’s Day, with speakers highlighting the major challenges facing women in Sierra Leone and the importance of this year’s IWD theme - Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality.

 Josephine Mustapha, the Project Manager for Save the Children’s Reducing Child Early and Forced Marriage project, emphasized the need to protect girls from harmful practices while also bringing them up to speed with technology. The project is currently working in 30 communities in the Western Area Rural and Kailahun District, targeting the issue of girls being forced into early marriages. Mustapha also encouraged women and girls to incorporate innovation in their respective fields to guarantee uniqueness and growth.

 Zainab S. Kamara, a beneficiary of the project, spoke about the impact it had on her well-being. As a victim of early marriage, Kamara was encouraged by facilitators to speak with her father and try to convince him to stop forcing her into an early marriage. The meeting was successful, and Kamara confirmed that it has created a change in her home.

 Phebian Momoh, head of the district health management team in Western Rural District, thanked Save the Children and all its partners for their work in commemorating International Women's Day. Momoh highlighted the challenges facing the health sector, such as the lack of contact information for pregnant women, and introduced a free screening process for all women to check their status regarding cervical cancer.

 David Koroma, a representative from the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, discussed the Ministry’s policies on digital transformation and radical inclusion, which ensure children are not marginalized and provide an enabling environment for girls to access education.

 The program culminated in a short drama that emphasized digital transformation and women's empowerment. This event serves as a reminder of the need for continued efforts to address the challenges facing women and girls in Sierra Leone